The Painter
Blue Butterfly They asked "why butterfly?", And i answered "Because they are my little angels", They are beautiful creatures, Painting them is a joy for me, The process took me somewhere someplace, And i can only imagined a beautiful one, A place full with happiness, A place i could say im being me, A place where i could forget everything i hated, A place where there is no more anger, A place where there is no more tears, A place that i wish the real one. Butterfly. A sign of life,love and rebirth. Blue butterfly also known as Blue Morpho Butterfly is a symbol of calmness,joy and happiness. They also symbolize time, change and purpose. Art. What is it? For me art is a bunch of emotions that comes from within. I love them, making, doing, creating, transforming, even the ugliest emotion can be the most beautiful piece of artwork. Making them is not just you took a brush then put some paint on paper, no, its more than that, you put your emotions, your story. I put my story and emotions in every artwok i made and when making them i feel i myself becoming the art piece, i becoming part of them and the process of making them worth every second of time i used. Art has been part of my life, always been part of my journey. Art have brought me out from the dark. Art have brought me to the light. Few times i have lost, lost in the reality of life, lost of my faith, believes and hopes. I have been in the toughest life, yes i did, and i almost give up fighting to live. But i didn't and here i am still standing strong, doing what i love to do and art is one part of it. To that i thank God for the gift He had given to me, to the test that have made me stronger and to the hope and faith to live again.

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