The Fallen Memories
The Journey of Healing Life, You are part of me, You live in me, You know me better than I do, I bet you already know what I have been through, Life, You tested me, You give hardness more than happiness, You gave me memories, That memories I will never forget, Life, I am in pain, so much pain, My heart have filled with hatred, It has become darkened more than ever, I am losing myself, Life, I remembered, Everything shattered like a broken glass, Tears dropped itself, I never asked, Life, I have given up on you so many time, I fall, fall and keep falling into this darkest place, But then you came, To give me hope to live again, Life, I always said you always being unfair to me, Being left alone to deal with this reality, But then I asked myself, Did I ever being fair to Him, Life, I created my own world, Because I am afraid of this reality, Please, just let me live in this fantasy world, So that I can live happily without anything to worries, Butterfly Series Of Wonderland Project Created by the emotions that i want to forget. The process of finding myself again. One of the best image that i couldn't believe i finally make it. Everything in this image are all handmade. The process of finishing the props was quite painful because in that period of time i was still struggling to find my strength back after an incident happened that i felt it was my fault. But i keep on going, using that feelings and emotions as the source to create the artwork. I want to change that dark emotion into something beautiful, something that out from this world, something unreal, something that made from my imagination, something that will make me forget that day and faded away with the emotions i had and i succeed it and i proud of it. It was a therapy for me. It was my pain. It was the process of healing and I found it. Replicas of butterfly,head crown and neck piece are all hand made and hand painted ( Took me 5 month to finish the project ) This image was inspired by Kirsty Mitchell "The Pure Blood Of A Blossom" in her wonderland project. Life, You have taught me lessons, You have taught me to be stronger, Even the worst came, Now, I know how life can be, Life, Let me forget the past, Let me forget the pain, Let me go out and find my lost self again, Come with me because a new journey is about to begin.


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