The Faded King
This images is the latest images that I photograph recently in collaborating with my best friend Iszuan. The original idea was actually to create as story about a fallen King and it was inspired by the The Huntsman: Winter war movie. This images was photograph at Pantai Klebang near the old ships abandon area. The shooting went well and we got the images we wanted. While I was in the idea making process i wrote another poem and it was about a King who had fallen from his throne and I intentionally wrote it for this images but I never thought that the worst could come. After everything had done, a shocking news i got from home, my father was sick. He was really sick. That day i was so shocked i could not say even a word. To be honest, my late father and I are not that close, but as a son I was sadden to hear that he just waiting for time to go and left us here. I went home and manage to meet him for the last time. While reciting surah Yasin to him i could not controlled the emotions inside me. Trying to be strong, trying not to show what I really felt, but I could not. I just burst into tears. A few hours later, my father passed away, and I see him went to the sky with a smile Little did I know I was actually writing about him. The poem I wrote before and the images that i have created was very similar to my father life story and so I decided to use this images as a remembrance of him while he lived to the day he passed away. Daud B. Abdullah. He was my father and always be my father. No matter what happened in the family every thing will end well. May you with be the good and blessed people, may Allah protect you there and may you rest in peace.
I am The King, Who rule this kingdom as my home, And I have a dream to make this world as my own, I build my castle, From a tiny bit of sand, Just with my own bare hand, I recruit an entire army, To defend my land, It is the symbol of my strength, But I am just a man, Who only pretend, To be the strongest out of them, Where I am actually holding weaknesses inside my hand, Power, Wealth. Reasons i have become this selfish man, Who put his entire land into the end. I was The King, Now I am no more, And the kingdom i used to rule already faded along side me, Into this forgotten memories.
Now I'm only a man with a crown, Waiting for Death to come, Greeting me like a long lost friend of mine, He promised me there I will be fine, Even if I lost in the dark from time to time

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