The Demon Friends
 Death You, Yes, you that day, You the one i think the most, In that dark room, I only see you, I wanted to be with you, As if you the only one could take me away, As if it is the only way I could free my self from this pain, One hit, One hit on my face broke the brick wall I build inside me, that moment, I was disbelieve, I have lost my hope and my faith, I felt like I have been cheated, Cheated by God, I fell, I struggle to get up again, Then, you came, Bringing your arms together to put around me, To comfort me, I couldn't see you but i felt your presence, And I could feel your hand grabbing my shoulder, Pulling me into the darkness I was not afraid, I was glad you came, instead of avoiding you, i choose to welcome and followed you.

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