The Butterfly Land Series The images you about to see in the next pages going to be something that is beyond the reality of the world. From my own imagination and inspiration that comes from from Kirsty Mitchell Wonderland project. I present to you The Butterfly Land Series. the series will be presented with poems and storyline of emotions that represented by a queen who had to deal with changes and transformation of her life i the fantasy world because of love. The reason this series was created is because of my battling with depression in the past few years. So, I decided to use all the emotions and pain I had in that years of battling the disease to create a world of imagination. The thing s that important to me the most was the process of creating this series. From the creation of of the costumes and props that I have made myself to the time the images were captured, that process was a healing process for me and have help me to battle the depression I had. My hope that this series going to give a sense of beauty and healing to everyone who see the images and understand the story. click here for full story

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