Biography My name is Azrol Afendy, born in a small village in Kelantan, Malaysia on May 1992. I manage to complete and graduated my first higher education from University of Technology MARA, Campus Machang, Kelantan, studying Diploma in Statistic in 2013. I recently graduated from University of Technology MARA, Campus Puncak Alam in Bachelor of Creative Photomedia for my degree level education. My Passion. My love to art has been there when I was a young boy. I still remember the first drawing I made when I was 5 years old. It was a Mickey Mouse drawing. Starting from that I fall in love with sketching, drawing and painting. I never learned from anyone, I always think that this is the gift from God and there is a reason for it. I went to a normal school learning like everybody else but my skill in making art was all self-taught. I learned by my self, always practicing. Sometimes I use art to escape from reality, I let my self went into my own imagination in order to forget the hard reality. During my middle school and high school years I always anticipated my self in many art competition especially in painting. But then, everything just end there after I went to further my diploma. After finished my diploma, I never thought about furthering my study in anything because my diploma was not that good. I felt something was missing in me. Then, one day I suddenly decided to further my study in degree level. I was applying photography course for my degree and my decision was not taken well by everyone that time but I still went there and got accepted. I first fell in love in photography when I was in my diploma years, but I never take that seriously until I decided to continue my study again. I have a new goals, I want to learn more about art, I want to achieve more, I want to make myself proud. This time everything is different. I finally felt that I am learning something that my heart want to learn and what I should have learned for a long time ago. My degree life has been an awesome learning experience. I have learned a lot about art and I want to learned more. I am planing to further more my study in art in master level. My dream is to keep creating beautiful fantasy visual stories and I want to explore the world, the art and the nature and hopefully one day I will achieve all of that.

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