The 2nd Chapter The Awakening
The Monarch Queen her beauty awake the heart of a lost soul, It was the mighty power of resurrection that she hold, So warm, So deep it felt, The cold of fear away it went, She stood there, in the middle of no where, So strong, So magnificent, Her light shine, Even an evil spirit could blind, The air was thin, She brought with her a wind, Blowing away the dark cloud of the past, It was a moment that went so fast, making a new way of a new beginning, A change for someone who wanting, A path where someone could walk happily, For someone who willing to accept and apology, Her strength gave courage, For someone who want to open a new chapter, Her touch full of heartfelt emotions, She is on of his greatest creation The Mad Painter And there was him, Waiting for someone it seems, A friend that long lost, A part of his soul that being frost, melted by the warmth of light, that was shining so bright, A giant brush he hold, Ready to paint this big hole, An empty land will be painted new again, Just like an empty white canvas ready to be fill with colours again, With 'him' together they created a new land, A new life will begin again, It is not for the end, But just the beginning of a life of a man
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