The 1st Chapter The Touch of Death
The Queen of Black Tears And the story begin, A queen was born, To be the conqueror of this land, To give every pieces of her soul till the very end, To her people the only one she cares, Hoping this hatred land will fill with love again, So naive, About the truth of the world, She dream, And she dreams high,, Nothing come first other than the love of her land, Not even herself, She believes this land will be new again, Until the day she realize all that was just a lie, The love she give, Give her more pain rather than happiness, That love never being appreciated, Not even once, She felt betrayed, Blinded by the false hope, She tried to hide the tears of her pain, But it was unbearable, Her pure clear tears has turned black, She knew the pain already taking over her, And to fight was not an option anymore, She choose that path, And that path will be the one that destroy her
The Queen of Black Moth She was a naive queen, But now she is no more, These pain and anger transform her into an evil queen, The queen who do not believes there is love, Who shows love never exist, The love has been broken, The pure white roses has turned black, And they decayed, Touched by the hand of the moth, She let herself living in a hole, Darkness becomes her new friends, And she let the pain conquer her land, No more people to care, Not even herself, She is ready to fall, And she is ready to fall with her land, But know this, Even in the darkest moment in life, There will always be a light, And our only job is only to believe, Because death is not the choice we need
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